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Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Plant

MINNUO as China’s top cryogenic liquid nitrogen plant manufacturer, we have three large-scale liquid nitrogen gas plants, experience of 36 years, can provide professional deep cold cryogenic air separation into oxygen, nitrogen and argon, krypton, xenon, neon, helium and other rare gases into a complete set of equipment.

Liquid Nitrogen Production Plant Specifications

The approximate cost will be:
Nitrogen concentration (%)
Productivity (m 3 / h)
Nitrogen pressure (bar)
Delivery type

Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Cryogenic Liquid nitrogen plant not only for nitrogen but also for liquid nitrogen, for processes requiring larger liquid nitrogen We are the leading manufacturer of air separation Plants in China. Providing safe  reliable advanced  intelligent gas solutions free of charge

There are many ways to produce nitrogen in industry, such as PSA nitrogen, membrane nitrogen, cryogenic air separation nitrogen, etc. Cryogenic air separation is also one of the longest-used nitrogen production methods. It takes air as raw material, after compression and purification, and then uses heat exchange to liquefy the air into liquid air. Liquid air is mainly a mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, utilizing the different boiling points of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, and obtaining nitrogen by separating them through the distillation of liquid air. Nitrogen is cooled into liquid nitrogen by cryogenic liquid and then filled to form finished liquid nitrogen.

The principle of deep freezing method is based on the different boiling points of each component of the gas mixture, and the method of separating them at low temperature by partial condensation or liquefaction distillation process. Among the methods of oxygen and nitrogen production such as deep freezing, chemical, electrolysis, adsorption and thin film permeation, the deep freezing method is the most economical, the most adaptable and the most widely used.

Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Production Plant Video

Technology Advantages

  • The power conservation of new LN2 Plant is 30% lower than conventional process
  • The new design of round cold box can reduce coldness loss and improve wind load
  • Nitrogen capacity less than 25000Nm³/h can be pre-assembled before delivery
  • High nitrogen purity:99.999%
  • Prompt start-up
  • Produce liquid nitrogen backup
  • Convenient switch of operating mode
  • Long operation period
  • Remote control available
  • Byproduct:produce part of oxygen as per the nitrogen plant condition

Minnuo, as oxygen and nitrogen plant manufacturer and supplier for 36 years, we have rich experience in liquid nitrogen plants and systems. We have three factories with more than four hundred employees specializing in the production of liquid nitrogen plants and liquid nitrogen cryogenic tanks, and we can provide our customers with all kinds of liquid nitrogen generators and storage equipment, and we can also handle the demand for nitrogen production from all regions of the world.

Liquid Nitrogen Unit Characteristics

  • Liquid nitrogen output: 10~2000L/H, other output can be customized service
  • Two kinds of media: can produce nitrogen and oxygen at the same time, and can also switch production
  • Start-stop: it can realize one-key start-stop, timed start-stop, liquid level start-stop (start-stop is controlled according to liquid level, and liquid level can be displayed at the same time).
  • Remote monitoring: MCGS remote monitoring, can remotely download the history of operation records, online program upgrade, convenient for remote maintenance.
  • Cryogenic storage tanks optional liquid nitrogen Dewar’s tanks
  • Efficiently realize -40~-196°.

Specification classification

Model MNON-50 MNON-100 MNON-200 MNON-400 MNON-500 MNON-1000 MNON-2000
Type Tower
Liquid Nitrogen Production 50L/H 100L/H 200L/H 400L/H 500L/H 1000L/H 2000L/H
Oxygen Purity ≥99.5%
Nitrogen Purity ≥99.995%
Voltage frequency 380VAC 3P 50Hz/220VAC 1P 50Hz
Ambient temperature requirements 0-30℃,Ground level, good ventilation
Infrastructure Infrastructure required
Note For non-standard voltage and frequency, altitude >1000m, purity >99%, custom-made

If you have additional production specifications and purity requirements, you can contact our equipment engineers for professional answers and one-on-one customized solutions with the opportunity to receive discounted pricing!

Liquid Nitrogen Production Flow Chart

The above diagram is the standard liquid nitrogen production flow chart, if there is a need to adjust and customize the link, you can contact our engineers for professional communication.

Single-Stage And Double-Stage Rectification Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant

  • The first type works on traditional process of outgoing-steam expansion and single-stage rectification.With this process, the gas nitrogen and liquid nitrogen usually get a high pressure (0.5~0.9MPa)and large liquid nitrogen output
  • The second type works on our initial-developed process of outgoing-stream expansion and double stage rectification.
  • With this process,the nitrogen gets a high recovery ratio up to 75% and low power consumption.The gas nitrogen pressure usually gets 0.15~0.25MPa;and liquid nitrogen pressure gets 0.5 0.8MPa. This process could also produce two kinds of gas nitrogen with different pressures,i.e.0.6~0.9MPa and 0.15~0.25MPa.

We have two series of cryogenic nitrogen plants to meet the different specification of product nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen Production Plant Applications

  • Food freezing and refrigeration: Liquid nitrogen is used for rapid freezing in the food industry to maintain the quality and freshness of food and to extend the shelf life.
  • Medical and biological sciences: Liquid nitrogen is used in the medical field for the preservation of biological samples, cells, tissues and cryopreserved embryos, as well as in cryosurgery and the treatment of certain diseases.
  • Industrial gas production: Liquid nitrogen is widely used in industrial production as a type of industrial gas, which is produced by air separation method.
  • Laboratory and scientific research: Liquid nitrogen is used in laboratories for cryogenic experiments, liquid nitrogen traps and spectroscopic studies, supporting a variety of scientific research.
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Liquid nitrogen is used as a coolant and refrigerant in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to control the temperature and speed of reactions.
  • Many others
  • The low-temperature characteristics of liquid nitrogen make it play an important role in the above fields. With the advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, the application scenarios of liquid nitrogen may be further expanded, and it is also an opportunity to choose suitable cryogenic liquid nitrogen equipment in time.

Main Components

Ancillary units Unit
1.Centrifugal air compressors 1Set
2.Air pre-cooling systems 1Set
3.Purification systems 1Set
4.Pressurised turbine expansion units 1Set
5.Fractionator systems 1Set
6.Liquid storage systems 1Set
7.Instrumentation and control systems 1Set
8.Electronic control systems 1Set
Air purification systems

Air purification systems

Purification system with built-in filter, blow-off and purifier regeneration in parallel High efficiency electric heater to ensure complete regeneration of the molecular sieve

ASU Plant Compressor Systerm

German centrifugal air compressor, high efficiency, low consumption, stable and reliable operation

Instrument and control systems

Instrument and control systems

Siemens electronic control systems, fully automatic production systems, digital control systems

Fractionating tower systems

Fractionating column heating, cooling, buildup and purification. Easy to operate, made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel for added strength and reduced torsion of the pipes. The cold box construction ensures overall strength and resistance to vibration and wind. Sealed gas protection and safety devices are provided during operation.

Pressurised turbine expansion systems

Pressurised turbine expansion systems

Turbine expander with gas bearings, simple, reliable, easy to operate and highly efficient The expander cold box is set up separately for easy maintenance

Pre-cooling systems

German refrigeration compressor, set water separator, automatic drain, regular water removal

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