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Minuo Group specializes in the research and development, design and manufacture of VPSA oxygen generating units to maximize cost savings for customers at the lowest price.

VPSA Oxygen Plant

VPSA special molecular sieve adsorbs impurities such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water from the air.
The molecular sieve is desorbed under vacuum to produce high purity oxygen (90-95%).
The energy consumption of VPSA is low; more larger the equipment, the lower the energy consumption.

How Does VPSA Oxygen Plant Work?

Low-pressure adsorption vacuum desorption
nitrogen oxygen in the air under low-pressure conditions, adsorption saturated molecular sieve desorption under vacuum conditions, the nitrogen from the discharge port, oxygen into the purification system, molecular sieve continuous adsorption decompression, and thus the cycle to produce a higher purity of oxygen (90 ~ 95%).
Compared to PSA, VPSA consumes less energy. The larger the oxygen plant, the lower the energy consumption.

VPSA Oxygen Plant Working Flow

The VPSA oxygen system consists of a blower, vacuum pump, switching valve, adsorber and oxygen buffer tank.

1. The blower conveys low-pressure air to purify and remove the dust
2. The air after dust removal enters the adsorption tower VPSA-02 from the bottom of the tower.
3. The nitrogen, water, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons in the air are adsorbed by the adsorbent (molecular sieve) inside the tower
4. first through the atmospheric pressure desorption, and then through the vacuum pump vacuum to reach a certain vacuum, so that the adsorption tower adsorption magazine completely desorption regeneration
5. Oxygen is piped from the top of the tower into the oxygen buffer tank for backup.
6. Under the control of the PLC control system, when the adsorption in the tower reaches a certain saturation level, the programmed control valve is switched to complete the continuous oxygen production.

Technology Advatages

  1. This set of VPSA Oxygen equipment adopts the flow of low-pressure adsorption vacuum desorption towers, low energy consumption, high efficiency.
  2. Power equipment selection roots blower and the roots vacuum pump and piston oxygen compressor.
  3. Use the high- efficient oxygen molecular sieve, having high utilization rate, low energy consumption. We can guarantee the using life will be more than 10 years.
  4. Use patented technology mechanical pressing device, ensure that the molecular sieve not move in the adsorber tank, and avoid molecular sieve from getting into powder.
  5. In control system, using PLC control cabinet with a machine control mode, automatic, with single bound to achieve automatic parking. PC will control parking control, process according to the parameters display alarm. And also set up start, stop and emergency button.
  6. Imported stainless steel high-performance butterfly valve, double eccentric, PTFE seals, this kind of valve cooperate with our company’s long working time process, we can guarantee the service life of valve body more than 3 years. We have a record that have used of this valve for 6 years without maintenance.

Technology Specification


  • Product size: 100-10000Nm3/h
  • Oxygen purity: ≥90-94%, can be adjusted within 30-95% according to user requirements.
  • Oxygen production power consumption: oxygen purity at 90%, converted into pure oxygen power consumption of 0.32-0.37KWh/ Nm3
  • Oxygen pressure: ≤20kpa (can be pressurized)
  • Annual open power: ≥95%

Technology Advantage

Low power consumption, stable and reliable, fully automated production

we has mastered the core technology of oxygen production by variable pressure adsorption, and has made breakthrough research results in the core components – gas molecular sieve, adsorption tower and blower, and has the ability to manufacture oxygen production system with ultra-high purity, high stability and low noise level.

Intelligent and low consumption

Low electricity consumption for oxygen production
Our VPSA system uses lithium-based molecular sieves, which are used in large quantities, and the power consumption of pure oxygen is between 0.3 and 0.32 degrees, while the power consumption of our new 380ovPSA project is 0.28 degrees, the best in the industry.

Simple operation and high degree of automation
1 motor and 11 valves can achieve fully automatic oxygen production, which can be unattended.

Low ancillary costs such as water, floor space and staffing
One third of the water, one half of the floor space and one quarter of the manpower of traditional deep-cooling for the same scale.

Full 3D design

We provide detailed designs for each project from process, equipment, civil plant and noise reduction, and provide detailed design and construction drawings. All designs are 3D. In order to provide tailor-made services to industries such as steel, cement, non-ferrous, electric power and environmental protection, we have a number of professionals in each industry to work with our clients.

vpsa oxygen plant free 3d solution

Simulation of the acoustic flow field

The adsorption towers are divided into axial and radial towers according to the flow direction of the adsorption airflow, and we choose the design according to the scale of the device, the site and other circumstances. The design process uses professional computer fluid simulation software, the airflow distribution is reasonable and the dead zone is small.

Sound insulation and noise reduction
Noise is the first and foremost problem to be overcome in large scale multi-set VPS parallel oxygen supply, our company draws on the noise reduction technology of submarines and relies on the advanced national defence noise reduction laboratory. The noise at the site is first measured and analysed professionally, and different noise reduction solutions are adopted for different frequencies of sound waves according to the characteristics of Popper.

Our Enigeer Will Help You Free Technogoy Support

As a global supplier of PSA/VPSA oxygen supply systems, the Minnuo Group supplies equipment for the simplest to the most complex chemical and environmental oxidation processes.
Whether in medical, veterinary, or aquaculture facilities, water treatment plants, muffler shops, or environmental processes, the Minnuo brand symbolizes versatility.
Minnuo is the world's leading supplier of PSA/VPSA oxygen supply systems, providing the most cost-effective, efficient, and safe oxygen source for many oxygen applications today. Most efficient and secure source of oxygen for every application today.

Contact us and you will receive a free customised gas solution 

Why Choose Us?

 MINNUO VPSA oxygen supply system is very reliable, economical, and offers remote monitoring.
MINNUO engineers will assist with construction and start-up and provide maintenance training. Stored data can be downloaded for performance evaluation. After installation, the customer offers ongoing engineering support free of charge.

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