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Biogas Upgrading Plant

Biogas is an environmentally friendly, clean and cheap combustible gas produced by microorganisms in anaerobic environment, such as livestock manure, agricultural waste, industrial organic waste, domestic sewage and municipal domestic waste, and its main components are methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Biogas is mainly purified and used for urban gas, vehicle fuel, hydrogen production, etc.

Biogas is a mixture of gases produced by the fermentation of organic material by microorganisms under anaerobic conditions. Biogas is a mixture of several gases with properties similar to natural gas, the main component being methane. Biogas upgrading and purification can be realized to purify methane. The biogas extraction biogas plant designed and manufactured by Minnuo can effectively remove impurities such as condensate, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from biogas and maintain a very high recovery rate of CH4.

There are four methods to realize the purification of biogas, which are absorption, variable pressure adsorption, low temperature condensation and membrane separation methods.

Minnuo, as a professional biogas upgrading and purification equipment company, we have first-class biogas upgrading and purification technology, professional systems and low prices, and we constantly follow up the progress of the project from the design of the plan, and we can also customize the biogas purification and bottling units.

Technical characteristics

Main performance indicators

Unit scale 

50~20000 Nm3/h





Methane recovery rate of product


If you want higher purity methane, you can upgrade your equipment to use membrane separation to upgrade the purification method.
Technological process

The biogas is desulfurized and compressed, pressurized, and then decarburized and purified by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to obtain product gas.

Biogas Upgrading Technological process
Our advantages
  • Energy-saving technology

Energy saving and consumption reduction is the survival of the enterprise, Minnuo has professional energy-saving air separation technology, which can reduce the energy consumption of air separation equipment by 5%-15% and save the running cost for customers.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing

Minnuo’s intelligent production workshop improves the accuracy of manufacturing process in the air separation industry, improves the performance of the equipment and shortens the customer’s booking cycle.

  • Remote Intelligent Monitoring System

Self-developed remote intelligent monitoring system, remote monitoring terminal real-time collection of equipment site data, to achieve fault monitoring, warning, to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

  • Butler-type after-sales service

Professional service team, long-term training and guidance on the use and management of users, regular visits by relevant personnel and timely provision of spare parts.

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