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Coke Oven Gas Purification

Minnuo specializes in the development and engineering contracting of coke oven gas purification, coke oven gas hydrogen purification, dry desulfurization technology for the metallurgical and coking industries, as well as the research, development and production of desulfurizers, adsorbents, and oxygen and nitrogen generation equipment.

Coke Oven Gas

Coke oven gas contains impurities such as tar, naphthalene, benzene, inorganic sulfur and organic sulfur. In order to make full use of the coke oven gas, purify the coke oven gas, reduce the impurity content in the coke oven gas, the combustion emission can meet the environmental protection requirements, and can be used as raw materials for chemical production. The technology is mature and widely used in power plants and coal chemical industry.

What Is Coke Oven Gas

Coke oven gas is produced during coking, a process that involves the dry distillation of coal at high temperatures and in the absence of oxygen. Specifically, the coal is heated in a coke oven and converted to coke through dry distillation while releasing a flammable gas, known as coke oven gas.

Coke oven gas belongs to medium calorific value gas, its calorific value is 17~19MJ per standard cubic meter, which is suitable to be used as fuel for high temperature industrial furnace and city gas. Coke oven gas contains high amount of hydrogen, which is used to synthesize ammonia after separation, and other components such as methane and ethylene can be used as raw materials for organic synthesis.

Coke oven gas is toxic and explosive gas, the explosion limit in air is 6%~30%.

Coke Oven Gas Composition

Coke oven gas is a mixture, its yield and composition vary according to the quality of the coal used for coking and the conditions of the coking process, generally each ton of dry coal can produce coke oven gas of 300~350m3 (standard state).

















Technical Features

  • The process is short, highly automated and easy to operate;
  • Adopting full dry purification process with leading technology;
  • According to different uses of purified gas, different depths of purification of impurities in coke oven gas can be carried out to reduce the purification cost.

Necessity of Purifying Coke Oven Gas

  • Environmental protection: Coke oven gas contains a variety of harmful substances, such as sulfide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, benzene, naphthalene, etc., and its direct discharge will cause serious pollution to the environment.
  • Resource utilization: Coke oven gas is rich in hydrogen and other useful chemical components, through purification it can be used as an industrial raw material for the synthesis of high value-added chemical products such as ammonia, methanol, dimethyl ether, natural gas and fuel oil.
  • Energy efficiency: Coke oven gas is a high calorific value gas, through purification can be used as a fuel to improve the efficiency of energy utilization.
  • Safe production: Coke oven gas is flammable and explosive, and contains impurities that may cause safety accidents during storage and transportation if not treated.
  • Economic benefits: Through purification, coke oven gas can be transformed into valuable products, bringing economic benefits to enterprises.
According to the above necessity, it is necessary to purify the coke oven gas, and Minnuo has the professional technology and equipment to purify the coke oven gas.
Main performance indicators

Coke oven gas processing capacity


Naphthalene content of refined gas

≤ 1mg/Nm³

Refined gas tar content

≤ 1mg/Nm³

Sulfur content of refined gas

≤ 0.1mg/Nm³

Technological process

Purified gas is prepared from coke oven gas after tar removal, naphthalene removal, benzene removal, atmospheric (pressurized) desulfurization and fine desulfurization.

Coke oven gas purification Technological process
Cooperation cases

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