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Membrane Nitrogen Generator

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Membrane Nitrogen Generator

In oil and gas exploration and development, in oil or gas production, in underground coal mines and in various industries on the surface where nitrogen is required as a protective gas to prevent flaring.
Minnuo designs and supplies high quality membrane nitrogen generator solutions. Mobile on-site nitrogen generation. It can meet the requirements of many workplaces with special and flexible conditions, such as dispersed sites, field operations with high climate change, humidity, poor road conditions and insufficient water.

Membrance N2 Generator Principle

Minnuo membrane separation oxygen Packages. Using membrane separation technology, clean and dry compressed air enters one or more membrane modules, the gas components with faster permeation rates (e.g. H20, H2, O2, etc.) are enriched on the low-pressure permeation side by preferentially passing through the membrane wall, while the gas components with relatively slow permeation rates (e.g. N2, etc.) are enriched on the high-pressure stagnation side, thus obtaining the required purity of nitrogen gas.

Working Process

  1. The compressed air from the air compressor enters the air buffer tank and then enters the multi-stage filter, including the activated carbon filter, which removes particles, oil and water from the air.
  2.  The clean air enters the membrane for oxygen and nitrogen separation. Generally speaking, the imported filters can remove the particles in the air to <0.01um and oil to <0.01ppm, which can fully meet the requirements of the membrane for air quality.
  3.  Stable quality suction dryers and cold dryers can treat the water in compressed air to the dew point of -20 to -60℃.
  4.  temperature heating and control in the middle of the filter – to ensure that the membrane works under optimum conditions
  5.  constant temperature, clean air then enters the membrane for separation, qualified product gas goes to the next process, unqualified product gas is automatically discharged

Types of Memberance N2 Generator

  • Nitrogen purity: 95% to 99.5%
  • Nitrogen flow: 5~5000Nm3/h (20℃, 101.325kPa)
  • Normal pressure dew point: ≤-40°C (customisable)
  • Nitrogen pressure: 0.05~1.2 Mpa (customisable)
Cabinet memberance N2 Generator

CABINET N2 Generator

Nitrogen usually has three options: liquid nitrogen, bottle nitrogen, nitrogen generator, liquid nitrogen and bottle nitrogen use high cost, frequent replacement, autonomy and safety are poor, the use of the phenomenon of possible gas breakage, on-site air separation nitrogen can be a good solution to the above problems, box type nitrogen generator to meet the standard production, the user is easy to select, suitable for the use of gas is not a small amount of occasions, is becoming the trend to replace the bottle nitrogen.

Scope of application

Suitable for use in environments with high requirements for size, floor space and noise free operation (e.g. laboratories, ship cabins, gymnasiums, food and beverage plants, electronics plants, etc.) and where the nitrogen flow requirements are small and can be flexibly relocated.

Containerized N2 Generator

a. Use of PRISM membrane separation nitrogen production process and technology.

b. Split skid structure, complete set of equipment installed and fixed in the container body.

c. Low pressure nitrogen skid includes: air compressor unit, air treatment and membrane separation nitrogen generation unit, central control room, fuel tank.

d. High pressure nitrogen skid includes: booster unit, diesel generator, in-situ control system, tool box, fuel tank and other parts.

e. Able to meet the output of four different construction conditions, and leave the corresponding outlet connection and valve.

f. able to meet the normal operation in remote areas, without external electricity and external power.

g. reasonable layout to meet the requirements of vehicle loading and road transport

h. Meet the requirements of high sand and wind conditions in the field and fire and explosion protection in oil and gas fields.

Containerized Membrane Nitrogen Generator

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