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Cryogenic Oxygen plant

Cryogenic oxygen plant is characterised by high production volumes and high oxygen purity (>99.6% O2), which is an advantage in large or very large oxygen applications.

Cryogenic Oxygen Plant, Liquid Oxygen Plant

In the chemical, petroleum, medical, pharmaceutical, food, steel and non-ferrous industries, Cryogenic air separation is the method of choice for oxygen production in most cases.

Cryogenic oxygen plant is characterised by high production volumes and high oxygen purity (>99.% O2), which is an advantage in large or very large oxygen applications.

vpsa oxygen plant 3d model

Liquid Oxygen Plant
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How Does Cryogenic Oxygen Plant Work?

The basic principle of air separation is to use low-temperature distillation to condense the air into a liquid and separate the air according to the evaporation temperature of each component.

The two-stage distillation tower obtains pure nitrogen and pure oxygen simultaneously at the top and bottom of the upper tower; liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen can also be taken out on the evaporation and condensation sides of the main cooling respectively.

The air separation in the distillation tower is divided into two stages, the air is sub-separated in the lower tower to obtain liquid nitrogen and at the same time obtain oxygen-rich liquid air; oxygen-rich liquid air is sent to the upper tower for distillation to obtain pure oxygen and pure nitrogen.

The upper tower is further divided into two sections: the liquid air inlet as the boundary, the upper part of the distillation section, distillation of rising gas, recovery of oxygen components, purification of nitrogen purity, the lower part of the distillation section, the liquid nitrogen components to separate out, to improve the oxygen purity of the liquid.

Cryogenic Oxygen Plant Working Flow

1, Air compression: air is compressed to 0.5~0.7mpa by the air compressor.
2, Pre-cooling: air is pre-cooled to 5℃~10℃ in a pre-cooling unit and moisture is separated.
3, Purification: air is removed from residual moisture, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons in a molecular sieve purifier.
4, Air expansion: air is expanded in an expander to cool as well as provide the required cooling capacity for the unit.
5, Heat exchange: air in the fractionator dwelling heat exchanger with the return flow of oxygen, nitrogen, dirty nitrogen for heat exchange, was
cooled close to the liquefaction temperature and repeatedly heat the reflux of oxygen, nitrogen, dirty nitrogen to ambient temperature.
6, Subcooling: nitrogen in the subcooler before subcooling the throttled liquid air and liquid nitrogen.
7, Distillation: the air is separated by distillation in the distillation column, and the product nitrogen is obtained at the top of the upper tower and at the bottom of the upper tower

Technical indicators

Product Oxygen Pressure 20MpaG(adjustable)
Purity ≥99.6% Equipment operating cycle 12 months
Start Time ~24h Single column rectification, the internal compression process

Specification classification

Model Unit MINNUO-50-50 MINNUO -
Oxygen production Nm³/h 50 80 180 260 350 550 750 1200
Oxygen purity %O₂ ≧99.6% ≧99.6% ≧99.6% ≧99.6% ≧99.6% ≧99.6% ≧99.6% ≧99.6%
Nitrogen production Nm³/h 50 160 300 500 700 1000 1500 2000
Nitrogen purity PPmO₂ ≦10 ≦10 ≦10 ≦10 ≦10 ≦10 ≦10 ≦5
Liquid Argon Production Nm³/h 30
Liquid Argon Purity PpmO₂+
≦1.5PpmO₂ +4PPmN₂
Liquid Argon Pressure MPa.A 0.2
Single Consumption Kwh/
≦1.3 ≦0.85 ≦0.68 ≦0.68 ≦0.65 ≦0.65 ≦0.63 ≦0.55
Equipment footprint 145 150 160 180 250 420 450 800

Main Components

ASU Plant Compressor Systerm

German centrifugal air compressor, high efficiency, low consumption, stable and reliable operation

Air purification systems

Purification system with built-in filter, blow-off and purifier regeneration in parallel High efficiency electric heater to ensure complete regeneration of the molecular sieve

Pre-cooling systems

German refrigeration compressor, set water separator, automatic drain, regular water removal

Pressurised turbine expansion systems

Turbine expander with gas bearings, simple, reliable, easy to operate and highly efficient The expander cold box is set up separately for easy maintenance

Fractionating tower systems

Fractionating column heating, cooling, buildup and purification. Easy to operate, made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel for added strength and reduced torsion of the pipes. The cold box construction ensures overall strength and resistance to vibration and wind. Sealed gas protection and safety devices are provided during operation.

Instrument and control systems

Instrument and control systems

Siemens electronic control systems, fully automatic production systems, digital control systems

Why does the cryogenic air separation plant easily explode?

Why Cryogenic air Separation plant explode

the pressure vessel for heat transfer is stainless steel, with poor heat transfer performance, low-temperature strength, and cheap. We do not recommend the use of stainless steel, our solutions are designed with safety and value for money as our primary objectives.

We use aluminum alloys as raw materials for heat exchangers, which are highly resistant to corrosion, low temperatures, good heat transfer, and high strength. The safety and durability of the use of the cryogenic separation system are improved.

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Case Study

ASU Plant in Malaysia

SIG-IWATANI: has purchased 2 sets plant from us. ASME Standard.

800T/D Internal-compression Liquid and Gas Plant

800T/D Internal-compression Liquid and Gas Plant

30000 Grade ASU Plant To Chile

Plant range:
30000 grade ASU characteristic:
1.Round cold box、Modular Design
2.Instead of natural gas projects to suport coal gasification, saving nearly one million yuan per day.

400T/D full liquid ASU Plant

There are nearly 100 sets liquid plant is designed and manufactured by Minnuo
Largest oxygen ASU: 46000Nm3/h
Largest nitrogen ASU: 50000Nm3/h
Largest liquid plant: 600tpd

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