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PSA Nitrogen Plant

Minnuogroup- 36 years leading PSA nitrogen plant manufacturer, high purity 99%-99.9997% molecular sieve with 10 years warranty, and 20 years warranty for main valve equipment.

PSA Nitrogen Plant

Estimated PSA Nitrogen Plant Cost

The approximate cost will be:
Nitrogen concentration (%)
Productivity (m 3 / h)
Nitrogen pressure (bar)
Delivery type

PSA Nitrogen Plant

PSA full name: Pressure Swing Adsorption, PSA is a new gas separation technology, the principle is to use the molecular sieve on the different gas molecules “adsorption” performance differences in gas mixtures will be separated, which is based on the air as raw material, the use of a high-efficiency, high-selective solid adsorbents It takes air as raw material and utilizes a high-efficiency and highly selective solid adsorbent to selectively adsorb nitrogen and oxygen to separate the nitrogen and oxygen in the air.

Nitrogen Plant TYPES

Modular PSA Nitrogen Generators

Modular PSA nitrogen generators are equipped with patented technology that allows for the production of a steady stream of gaseous nitrogen directly on site. This compact system is particularly suited to low-flow, high-purity applications that have traditionally been reliant on high-pressure gas cylinders or dewars of nitrogen. With modular PSA nitrogen generators, the inconvenience of handling gas cylinders and liquid dewars is eliminated, as nitrogen is generated continuously and reliably at your location with only a compressed air supply needed.


Skid-mounted Nitrogen Generators

Skids are a compact and cost-effective solution for producing nitrogen on-site. They are a complete set of devices that can be controlled and managed by skilled workers, without requiring substantial installation costs. Skids are designed to be “plug and play,” meaning they can be easily and quickly set up according to the provided directions. A skid typically includes a compressor with a dryer, filters, a nitrogen pressure vessel, and a nitrogen generator, but it can be customized to meet your specific requirements. With a skid, you’ll have everything you need to produce nitrogen on-site according to your exact specifications.


Containerized PSA Nitrogen Generator

Our nitrogen generator container systems are specifically designed and constructed to be compatible with ISO steel containers or similar structures, ensuring secure and effortless transportation. At Minnuogroup, we construct the entire nitrogen generator within a 10-foot, 20-foot, or 40-foot container that can be conveniently transported by truck. Once the nitrogen container unit arrives at the customer’s facility, all that is needed is to connect the electrical system on site to initiate nitrogen production.Our product line is specially engineered for medium and high flow rates, with a significantly smaller footprint compared to traditional systems.


How PSA Nitrogen Generation Works?

Pressure swing adsorption(PSA) is a process that uses high pressure to attract gases to solid surfaces. As pressure increases, gas is adsorbed and when it decreases, the adsorbed gas is released. PSA can separate gases based on their attraction to different solid surfaces. For example, if air is passed through an adsorbent bed of Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) under pressure, oxygen will be attracted more strongly than nitrogen, so oxygen will stay in the bed and nitrogen will come out. The bed can be regenerated by reducing pressure and releasing the adsorbed oxygen for another cycle of producing high purity nitrogen. Two adsorbent vessels can be used for near-continuous production and energy savings through pressure equalization, where gas leaving one vessel depressurizes the second vessel. This is a common industrial practice.

      Why Choose Minnuogroup for your PSA Nitrogen Generator

       Cost &energy saving
  • Cost saving of 50% to 90% when compared to bulk liquid supply, dewar, and Nitrogen cylinders

  • With a continuous and uninterrupted supply of nitrogen gas right at your disposal, you can avoid any cumbersome delivery contracts.
  • This true on-demand unit produces nitrogen only when required. The system goes into standby mode automatically whenever there is no demand for gas. Moreover, the generator keeps a tab on the pressure level continuously and matches it with the nitrogen demand

    Safety Guarantee
  • PSA nitrogen generators offer better safety assurance compared to bulky high-pressure cylinders.

  • Keeping the complete system at room temperature eliminates the need for hazardous cryogenic liquids

  • At Minnuogroup, we have installed thousands of systems worldwide, So you can trust that our team of skilled engineers, manufacturers, and customer service representatives will provide valuable expertise in designing, building, and maintaining your generator.

  • Our extensive product portfolio boasts over 50 standard models with purities up to 99.9997% and impressive flow rates of up to 5000 Nm3/h.

  • our ISO-9001 certified design and manufacturing facilities ensure that quality is maintained and guaranteed.

psa nitrogen plant working flow

Screw Air Compressor

Serves to compress air, or can choose oil free comressor,ATLAS Brand

Air Tank

ASME or similar standards

Freeze Air Dryer

Precision filter

Removal of dust, water, and oil from compressed air

PSA Nitrogen Generator

Programming for automatic nitrogen and oxygen separation

Nitrogen process tank

Automatically controlled evacuation of non-conforming nitrogen

outlet to user
or gas booster

Main Compents of Nitrogen Generator

PLC Panel

simens logo for our nitrogen plant PLC Panel

Process nitrogen anlyzer ,Core components imported from Germany

Molecular Sieve from JALOX,UOP , CMS

Molecular Sieve from JALOX, UOP ,CMS

nitrogen plant manufacturer

Germany pneumatic valves

nitroten plant Germany pneumatic valves from burkert

Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves - AirTAC

ASME standard air tank

How to Choose PSA Nitrogen Plant?

  1.  Choose the right nitrogen concentration

    Incorrectly selected concentration can become a factor in a significant increase in the price by several times. A difference of 0.05% in concentration can double the cost of the system.

  2.  Calculate station performance

    Considering all consumer parameters, calculate the total amount of nitrogen consumed. Pay attention to the units of measurement, the flow must be normalized, Nm³/h at a pressure of 1 bar and a temperature of 20°C.

  3.  Consider the operating conditions

    All parameters of the station are specified under standard operating conditions of 20°C, The temperature rises above 38℃ will affect the air compressor, so be sure to keep the use of the site ventilation heat

  4.  Choose a compressor with a margin of 10%

    For the correct operation of the system, many factors must be taken into account: the nature of consumption, the number of peak loads, additional losses of compressed air, the volume of receivers, and much more.

  5. How Much Cost?

    Start a small 20m³ PSA N2 generator price is $12000. We promise a good price with top quality.

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