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Oilless Lubrication Nitrogen Compressor

Undertake design and selection of various gas compressors,can be customized according to your needs



All oil-free compressors do not need to add lubricating oil, the dischargedgas does not contain oiland oil vapor, and does not pollute the endproducts of users. it is an environmentally friendly andenergy-savingproduct. when used as a general power source, it is more convenient touse thanoil-based compressors. low maintenance costs. as the simplestand most ideal equipment to providehigh-ouality oil-free compressedgas, it saves complicated oil filtering and processing eouipment savingalot of eouipment expenses and maintenance costs.

This series of compressors is suitable for pressurization, voltagestabilization, power and purging in the process flow, and can also provide a stable gas source for powerplants, food industry.medicine and experimental research units.


Product Types

Completely oil-free,Silent operating noise, less than 75dB, heavy duty design, 24 hours continuous operation mode

Completely oil-free lubricated nitrogen compressor

Completely oil-free lubricated nitrogen

Model Intake pressure.barg Exhaust pressure.barg Exhaust volume NM3/h Power.KW
VW-10/5-25 5 25 10 2.2
VW-10/5-30 5 30 10 2.2
VW-15/5-25 5 25 15 3
VW-20/6-30 6 30 20 4
VW-20/5-30 5 30 20 4
VW-30/5-20 5 20 30 4
VW-40/5-15 5 15 40 4
VW-40/5-40 5 40 40 7.5
VW-60/6-25 6 25 60 7.5
VW-50/5-30 5 30 50 7.5
VW-50/5-20 5 20 50 5.5
VW-150/5-15 5 15 150 11
Fully oil-free high pressure nitrogen compressor

Fully oil-free high pressure nitrogen compressor

Model Intake pressure.barg Exhaust pressure.barg Exhaust volume NM3/h Power.KW
WW-80/5-50 5 50 80 15
WW-100/5-25 5 25 100 15
WW-100/6-60 6 50 100 18.5
WW-100/5-50 5 50 100 18.5
WW-120/5-40 5 40 120 18.5
WW-120/5-70 5 70 120 22
WW-150/5-30 5 30 150 18.5
WW-180/5-25 5 25 180 22
WW-200/5-15 5 15 200 18.5
WW-200/5-25 5 25 200 22
WW-350/5-10 5 10 350 18.5
WW-500/6-10 6 10 500 18.5


Structural advantages:

  1. The whole compression system has no thin oil lubrication, avoiding the possibility of contact between oil and high pressure and high purity nitrogen, ensuring the safety of the machine.
  2. The whole system without lubrication and oil distribution system, the machine structure is simple, easy to control, easy to operate.
  3. The whole system is oil-free, so the nitrogen of the compressed medium is pollution-free, and the nitrogen purity of the compressor inlet and outlet is the same.
  4. Four-stage compression, water cooling and stainless steel water cooler are adopted to ensure a good cooling effect of the compressor and effectively extend the service life of key wearing parts. The intake port is equipped with a low intake pressure and the exhaust end is equipped with an exhaust device. High pressure protection for each stage, high exhaust temperature protection, safety valve and temperature display. If the temperature is too high and overpressure, the system will alarm and stop, ensuring safe operation. There is a forklift at the bottom of the compressor, which can be easily transferred. A construction site.
  5. Our standard high pressure nitrogen compressor has passed the EU CE/ISO 9001 certification to meet the requirements of the EU market.

Product feature:

  1. No oil, no oil required, stainless steel cylinder.
  2. No pollution, keep the purity of gas unchanged.
  3. Safe and reliable quality, good stability, comparable to and replace similar foreign brands.
  4. Low procurement cost, low maintenance cost, simple operation.
  5. The service life of the piston ring under low pressure conditions is 4000 hours, and the service life of the piston ring under high pressure conditions is 1500-200O hours.
  6. Brand motor, you can specify the brand, such as Siemens or ABB brand.
  7. According to the specific working conditions of customers, the compressor is designed for single-stage compression, two-stage compression, three-stage compression and four-stage compression.
  8. Low speed, long life, average speed 260-400RPM.
  9. Low noise, the average noise is less than 75dB, can work quietly in the medical field.
  10. Continuous continuous heavy operation, can run stably for 24 hours without stopping (depending on the specific model).

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