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Pressure Swing Adsorption Hydrogen recovery Unit

Hydrogen recovery refers to the industrial production process of hydrogen discharged for dust, oil, oxygen, water and other treatments, so that the quality of hydrogen gas to meet the production requirements again, the secondary recycling system collectively.

Hydrogen recovery unit, is to remove the solid impurities in the hydrogen gas, into the drying tower, through the molecular sieve adsorption, to reach the required dew point. Finally, the purified hydrogen is developed and utilized for secondary development.

Hydrogen recovery unit works on the principle of variable pressure adsorption (PSA) separation of gases, which mainly utilizes the selective adsorption of different adsorbents by the adopted adsorbent and the characteristic that the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent on the adsorbent varies with the change of pressure, and under the conditions of adsorbent selective adsorption, the high pressure adsorption removes the impurity components in the raw materials, and the adsorbent gets regenerated by desorbing the impurities at the low pressure. The whole operation process is carried out at ambient temperature. Minnuo has professional PSA gas separation technology and can provide PSA oxygen plant, PSA nitrogen plant and VPSA system. We have many examples of PSA hydrogen recovery projects, and our professional technicians will follow the project from design, implementation to use. Welcome to contact us for pressure swing adsorption hydrogen recovery.

Technical characteristics

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Hydrogen recovery technology has a wide range of application prospects in industrial environmental protection. the application of PSA technology in the field of hydrogen recovery can reduce the emissions of enterprises and become a new hot spot in the environmental protection industry.
Technological process

Multi-tower PSA technology is adopted for hydrogen purification. The working steps are divided into adsorption, pressure reduction, analysis, pressure rise, etc. The adsorption towers are staggered in the working steps to form a closed loop to ensure continuous input of raw materials and continuous output of products.

Hydrogen recovery plant by PSA technology Technological process
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