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PSA Nitrogen Generator

Minnuo, on-site PSA nitrogen generator manufacturer and supplier leader in China, has 36 years of experience in PSA nitrogen generator system and equipment, served more than 2,000+ nitrogen generator equipment, we can provide molecular sieve with purity up to 99.9997% purity up to 10 years warranty and 20 years warranty for main valve equipment.


psa nitrogen generator

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On-Site PSA Nitrogen Generator

PSA full name: Pressure Swing Adsorption, PSA is a new gas separation technology, the principle is to use the molecular sieve on the different gas molecules “adsorption” performance differences in gas mixtures will be separated, which is based on the air as raw material, the use of a high-efficiency, high-selective solid adsorbents It takes air as raw material and utilizes a high-efficiency and highly selective solid adsorbent to selectively adsorb nitrogen and oxygen to separate the nitrogen and oxygen in the air.

PSA Nitrogen Generator Working Principle

PSA nitrogen gas generator takes clean compressed air as raw material and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, and utilizes the principle of variable pressure adsorption to obtain nitrogen at room temperature. According to the difference of the adsorption amount of oxygen and nitrogen in the air on the surface of carbon molecular sieve and the diffusion rate of oxygen and nitrogen in the carbon molecular sieve, the opening and closing of the programmable controller controls the programmed valve, realizing the process of adsorption under pressure and desorption under reduced pressure, completing the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, and obtaining the nitrogen with the required purity.

Nitrogen generator is based on the principle of variable pressure adsorption, using high quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, and extracting nitrogen from air as raw material under certain pressure. The purified and dried compressed air is adsorbed under pressure and desorbed under reduced pressure in the adsorber. Due to the aerodynamic effect, the diffusion rate of oxygen in the micropores of the carbon molecular sieve is much larger than that of nitrogen, and oxygen is preferentially adsorbed by the carbon molecular sieve, while nitrogen is enriched in the gas phase to form finished nitrogen. Then after depressurization to atmospheric pressure, the adsorbent desorbs the adsorbed oxygen and other impurities to realize regeneration. Generally, two adsorption towers are set up in the system, one tower adsorbs nitrogen, the other tower desorbs and regenerates, and the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve is controlled by PLC program controller, so that the two towers circulate alternately to realize the purpose of continuous production of high-quality nitrogen.

PSA on-site nitrogen generator has the features of simple process, high degree of automation, fast gas production (15-30 minutes), low energy consumption, product purity can be adjusted according to user’s needs in a wide range, easy operation and maintenance, low operation cost, and strong adaptability of the device, etc. Therefore, it is quite competitive among the nitrogen generating equipments below 1,000Nm3/h, which is more and more welcomed by the medium-sized and small-sized nitrogen users, and the PSA nitrogen generator has become the preferred method of medium-sized and small-sized nitrogen users.

Technical Features

The drilling and milling machine has advanced and reasonable structure, light and flexible operation, easy maintenance, and can generally meet the requirements of IT8 level accuracy and roughness.

  • The compressed air is equipped with air purification and drying treatment device, clean and dry compressed air, which is conducive to prolonging the service life of molecular sieve.
  • The new pneumatic shut-off valve is adopted, with fast opening and closing speed, no leakage and long service life, which can meet the frequent opening and closing of pressure change adsorption process with high reliability.
  • Perfect process design flow, uniform airflow distribution, reduce the high speed impact of airflow. Reduce energy consumption and investment cost reasonable internal components.
  • Selection of high-intensity, high-efficiency, low-energy molecular sieve, intelligent interlocking unqualified nitrogen evacuation device to ensure the quality of product nitrogen.
  • Stable equipment performance, easy operation, stable operation, high degree of automation, unmanned operation can be realized, low annual operating failure rate
  • Adopting PLC control, fully automatic operation can be realized, optional nitrogen device flow, purity automatic adjustment system, remote control system.

Minnuo Advantages

Minnuo as a professional on-site nitrogen generator manufacturer and supplier, we have been specializing in the production of gas separation and purification technology for 36 years, with rich experience and cases, we not only sell PSA nitrogen generator, but we also have membrane nitrogen generator, cryogenic liquid nitrogen generator and the whole system equipment. We have our own professional factory and foreign trade sales team, we can provide the most professional analysis and low price, hurry to contact us!

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PSA Nitrogen Generator Process Flow

  1. There are two adsorption towers equipped with carbon molecular sieves, and while one tower (A) is working, the other (B) is depressurized and desorbed.
  2. Clean air into the work of the adsorption tower (A), through the molecular sieve when oxygen, carbon dioxide and water are adsorbed, flow to the exit end of the gas is nitrogen and traces of argon and oxygen.
  3. Another tower (desorption tower B) so that the adsorbed oxygen, carbon dioxide and water from the molecular sieve microporous detachment discharged into the atmosphere.
  4. In this way, the two towers take turns to complete the separation of nitrogen and oxygen, continuous output of nitrogen.
  5. The 95%-99.9% nitrogen output from the variable pressure adsorption nitrogen generator enters the nitrogen purification equipment.
  6. And then through the dryer depth drying (two adsorption drying tower alternately: one adsorption drying dewatering, another heating desorption drainage), to get high purity nitrogen, this time the purity of nitrogen can reach 99.9997%.
  7. The final product is a constant supply of high purity nitrogen gas produced on site, the cost of which is much lower than the price of liquid or bottled gas.


Main Components of Nitrogen Generator

PLC Panel

simens logo for our nitrogen plant PLC Panel

Process nitrogen anlyzer ,Core components imported from Germany

Molecular Sieve from JALOX,UOP , CMS

Molecular Sieve from JALOX, UOP ,CMS

nitrogen plant manufacturer

Germany pneumatic valves

nitroten plant Germany pneumatic valves from burkert

Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves - AirTAC

ASME standard air tank

PSA Nitrogen Generator Applications

  • Nitrogen generator for oil and gas industry is suitable for nitrogen injection in continental oil and gas extraction, coastal and deep sea oil and gas extraction.
  • Nitrogen generator for chemical industry is mainly used for covering, blowing, replacing, cleaning, pressure conveying, chemical reaction stirring, chemical fiber production protection, nitrogen charging protection and other fields.
  • Special nitrogen fertilizer making machine for metallurgical industry is suitable for heat treatment, bright annealing, protection heating and other fields.
  • Special nitrogen fertilizer machine for coal mining industry is suitable for fire prevention and fire extinguishing, gas and gas dilution in coal mining and other fields.
  • Nitrogen fertilizer machine for rubber and tire industry is suitable for rubber and tire production in the vulcanization process of nitrogen protection, molding and other fields.
  • Nitrogen generator for food industry is suitable for grain green storage, food nitrogen packaging, vegetable preservation, wine sealing (canning) and preservation.

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