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Skid-mounted LN2 Generator​

The MINNUO medium-sized nitrogen generator is a skid-mounted liquid nitrogen solution. The MINNUO nitrogen skid package contains everything you need to generate your own liquid nitrogen on-site. Why buy liquid nitrogen when you can produce and store your own? Our nitrogen generation offers the sustainable and cost-efficient alternative to gas deliveries.

Skid-mounted LN2 Generator​ Cost

The approximate cost will be:
Nitrogen concentration (%)
Productivity (m 3 / h)
Nitrogen pressure (bar)
Delivery type

Factory Video

Working principle

Compressed air passes through the screw air compressor, after cold and dry suction and filtration, it enters the PSA nitrogen generator, and after passing through the sterile filter, it generates sterile nitrogen with a dew point of -60℃. After the sterile nitrogen enters the refrigerator (the refrigerator is cooled down by the chiller), it is liquefied into liquid nitrogen.


  • Liquid nitrogen output: 10L/h-100L/h (240L/day-2400L/day)
  • One key start/stop: One key to control the whole system start/stop
  • Timer start/stop: you can freely set the start/stop time every day
  • Liquid level start/stop: If equipped with liquid nitrogen tank with liquid level meter, it can start/stop according to liquid level control and display liquid level

Remote monitoring: MCGS remote monitoring, can remotely download historical operation records, online program upgrade, convenient remote maintenance


Model MNLN-240 MNLN-480 MNLN-720 MNLN-960 MNLN-1200 MNLN-1920 MNLN-2400
Type Separate
Liquid Nitrogen Production 10L/H 240L/day 20L/H 480L/day 30L/H 720L/day 40L/H
50L/H 1200L/day 80L/H 1920L/day 100L/H 2400L/day
Purity ≥99%
Voltage frequency 380VAC 3P 50Hz
Power(KW) 27 45 55 84 92 155 190
Land area(m³) 10 30 30 40 40 60 60
Equipment size(mm) 6000*1100*2200 8000*1700 *2300 8000*1700 *2300 12000*
16000*2000 *2350 16000*2000 *2350
Room size required(㎡) >30 >50 >50 >80 >80 >120 >120
Sea freight container dimensions 20 Container 40ft container 9.6m long 40ft container 10m long 40ft container 40ft container 40ft container
+20ft container
40ft container
+20ft container
Ambient temperature requirements 0-30℃
One metre of noise(dB) <72dB <78dB <78dB <78dB <78dB <78dB <78dB
Cooling methods Water cooling
Cooling water(m³/h) >4 >8 >8 >15 >15 >30 >37
Nitrogen volume(m³/h) 15 30 40 50 60 100 130
Nitrogen volume(℃) -60℃
Nitrogen pressureMpa) 0.8 0.8 1.6 0.8 1.6 0.8 0.8
Recommendations for liquid nitrogen tank packages(L) 500 1000 1000 2000 2000 5000 5000
Note: If non-standard voltage and frequency, altitude > 1000 m, purity ≥ 99.9, custom-made
nitrogen generator components

Main Components of Nitrogen Generator

PLC Panel

simens logo for our nitrogen plant PLC Panel

Process nitrogen analyzer ,Core components imported from Germany

Molecular Sieve from JALOX,UOP , CMS

Molecular Sieve from JALOX, UOP ,CMS

nitrogen plant manufacturer

Germany pneumatic valves

nitroten plant Germany pneumatic valves from burkert

Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves - AirTAC

ASME standard air tank

How to Choose Skid-mounted LN2 Generator​?

  1.  Choose the right nitrogen concentration

    Incorrectly selected concentration can become a factor in a significant increase in the price by several times. A difference of 0.05% in concentration can double the cost of the system.

  2.  Calculate station performance

    Considering all consumer parameters, calculate the total amount of nitrogen consumed. Pay attention to the units of measurement, the flow must be normalized, m³/h at a pressure of 1 bar and a temperature of 20°C.

  3.  Consider the operating conditions

    All parameters of the station are specified under standard operating conditions of 20°C, The temperature rises above 38℃ will affect the air compressor, so be sure to keep the use of the site ventilation heat

  4.  Choose a compressor with a margin of 10%

    For the correct operation of the system, many factors must be taken into account: the nature of consumption, the number of peak loads, additional losses of compressed air, the volume of receivers, and much more.

  5. How Much Cost?

    Start a small 20m³ PSA N2 generator price is $12000. We promise a good price with top quality.

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