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Ozone Generator

Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen atoms, written as O3 in chemistry. Ozone has strong oxidizing and sterilizing abilities, so it’s widely used for air disinfection and wastewater purification. Ozone is essential in food processing, aquaculture, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, domestic water, and swimming facilities.

An ozone generator is a device that produces ozone gas. Because ozone easily breaks down, it needs to be produced on-site in places that require a lot of ozone. That’s why each of these locations needs to have an ozone generator.

How is ozone produced?

Ozone is produced by directly converting oxygen gas. Typically, we use high-voltage electricity to achieve this. Dry oxygen or oxygen-containing gas passes through an electric arc discharge area formed by two electrodes. The corona discharge generated by several thousand volts of high-voltage AC electricity dissociates oxygen molecules and rapidly recombines them into ozone molecules. As the voltage and current change, the concentration and yield of ozone also change.

Ozone production flow chart

How to Choose an Ozone Generator?

1. Determine Your Purpose

    Deciding where and how you plan to use your ozone generator will determine the ozone concentration, output, and cost you’ll need. For general space or water disinfection, you can choose an ozone generator that uses air as the source. If you require a more potent disinfection effect, such as for pharmaceutical manufacturing or wastewater treatment, an ozone generator using oxygen as the source is a good choice.


2、Understand the Equipment Forms

Ozone generators for air disinfection could be ducted, wall-mounted, or portable. For water treatment, the placement of the ozone generator will also impact disinfection effectiveness and the amount of ozone required.

3、Determine Your Output Needs

For startups or laboratories, a standalone ozone generator may suffice. Medium-sized businesses can link several small generators to achieve the desired effect and save on investment. Larger enterprises may require complete sets of large-scale ozone generating equipment.


Getting Your Ozone Expert

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Frequent Asked Question

Ozone is approved for use in food by the US FDA, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely harmless. Prolonged exposure to high concentrations of ozone can cause dizziness, nausea, and even damage to the respiratory mucosa in the human body. Long-term exposure to ozone can also lead to chromosomal abnormalities in certain cells. High concentrations of ozone can also reduce the efficiency of plant photosynthesis, leading to reduced yields or even plant death.

Therefore, when using ozone to benefit your business, it’s important to monitor for leaks, carefully select appropriate ozone generating equipment, and seek help from our engineers when needed.

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