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300Nm3/h,99.6% Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Plant To Indonesia

Exported to a famous iron and steel company in Indonesia, the specific leading industries include sintering, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, oxygen production, hot-rolled plate, bar, wire and profile production lines.

We always adhere to the technology pilot, quality-oriented. After unremitting efforts and exploration, the technology in liquid oxygen has reached an advanced level in the industry.

At present, the operating conditions of the project are stable, and all indicators are up to standard.


Medium: Liquid oxygen


Purity:≥99.6% O2

Outlet pressure:0.14MPa

Scope of supply and unit:

Air compressor 2 sets
Air pre-cooling system 1 set
Air Purification System        1 set
Fractionating tower 1 set
Booster turbo expander       1 set
Low-pressure turbo expander 1 set
PLC Instrument control system 1 set 1 set
Electrical Control System 1 set
Spare parts 1 set
Molecular sieve 1 set

Product advantages

1. Good safety. An oxygen evaporator is set to reduce the concentration of liquid oxygen in the main cooling system. Meanwhile, a large amount of liquid oxygen is discharged from the main cooling system to reduce the risk of hydrocarbon accumulation in the main cooling system.

2. Benefit increase: add a pure oxygen tower, which can produce liquid pure oxygen while producing rich oxygen, and increase the equipment benefit.

3. Rational utilization: air-cooled pre-cooling mode is adopted to make full use of waste nitrogen to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

4. Advanced control: DCS control, high degree of automation, easy to operate.

5. Energy saving and consumption reduction: The new molecular sieve is adopted to reduce the resistance of the air flow path, reduce the discharge pressure of the air compressor, and save energy. Reduce the heating time of molecular sieve regeneration and save regeneration energy consumption.




hi, this is Nobita. I have been working as a gas equipment engineer in Minuo for 16 years, I will share the knowledge about oxygen generator, nitrogen generator and air separation equipment from the supplier's perspective.

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