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16 Application Fields of Oxygen Generator


Air is a mixture with about 20% oxygen in it. Oxygen has many uses and can be used in metallurgy, mining/mineral processing/gold processing, ozone, wastewater treatment, oxygen-enriched sports, outdoor sports, medical and home care.

As early as the early stage of the development of oxygen generation technology, the threshold for oxygen application was very high due to the relatively large equipment volume of oxygen generators. However, with the development of PSA oxygen production technology, obtaining and using oxygen has become easier and more convenient. Many industries or fields have begun to have their oxygen production systems, among which are:


In the iron and steel industry, sending oxygen or air-added oxygen to the steelmaking furnace through a blower can increase steel production and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, oxygen drives the conversion of carbon into carbon dioxide, which helps reduce the iron oxides to purer iron compounds.

Mining, Beneficiation

The extraction rate and productivity of the final product are key performance indicators in the mining industry, especially the gold mining industry. Compressed air is traditionally used to increase the extraction rate of mineral products, and since air contains only 21% oxygen, the oxidation effect is limited. Although these mines are located in remote areas with limited bulk material transportation conditions, more and more miners and mining companies are using PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen generation technology for on-site oxygen supply due to its effectiveness and reliable performance.

Wastewater and sewage treatment

Through oxygenation, the activity of microorganisms is improved. Microorganisms are used to treat sewage and wastewater.

Waste gas recovery and treatment

The exhaust gas recovery and decomposition device is equipped with an ozone decomposition catalyst, which is used to decompose the exhaust gas of ozone oil and ozone water and discharge oxygen. In this way, the safety of the operator is protected, and the cost is relatively low.

Outdoor work and sports

Supply breathing; is used in hypoxic, hypoxic, or anaerobic environments (such as diving operations, mountaineering, high-altitude flight, medical rescue, Etc).

Medical care and nursing care

The hospital treats suffocation patients and endangered patients. Nursing homes use oxygen for nursing care and medical oxygen needs for emergency vehicles and other scenarios.

Aviation and aerospace

Mobile PSA oxygen-generating refueling trailers and oxygen delivery trucks provide high-purity oxygen. It can help military planes take the strain off logistics and maintenance, making all refueling operations easier and faster for any aircraft, including fighter jets.

Chemical industry

It can be used to make chemical products such as medicines, dyes, explosives, etc. Taking the production of synthetic ammonia as an example, oxygen can oxidize the raw material gas, thereby increasing the output of ammonia fertilizer.

Machinery industry

Oxygen can be used as a combustion aid in conjunction with acetylene, propane and other combustible gases, which can generate temperatures above 3000 degrees to achieve the role of welding and cutting metals.


By increasing the oxygen content in the aquarium, the fish can eat more and grow faster.

Furnace combustion support

Furnace combustion is often referred to as oxygen-enriched combustion. Oxygen-enriched combustion is a high-efficiency energy-saving combustion technology that burns oxygen-containing gas higher than the oxygen content of air (20.947%). The energy-saving effect is remarkable, and the service life of the furnace is effectively extended. The melting rate and output are improved, and the heating time is shortened. The defective rate is reduced, the finished product rate is increased, and the environmental protection effect is greatly improved.

Metal welding and cutting

In welding, oxygen can make the fuel burn more fully, and the temperature is higher, making the welding faster and better. In oxy-fuel cutting, the torch is used to heat the metal to its ignition temperature. A stream of oxygen is then injected over the metal, which burns it into metal oxide, which emerges from the kerf as slag.

Fermentation process

In submerged aerobic culture, oxygen supply is an important limiting factor for successful fermentation. Increased ventilation efficiency reduces air usage and further reduces the chance of foam formation or bacterial contamination.

Laboratory research

There are many researches on topics such as “oxygen bar” and “hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sudden deafness.” These studies inevitably require the use of oxygen, and most of them are small portable oxygen generators to meet oxygen needs in scientific research experiments.

Oxygen enrichment system

In high mountains, plateaus, and low-oxygen environments in high-altitude areas, hypoxia can make the human body and brain unable to work normally. And the higher the altitude, the greater the damage to human physiology. Facts have proved that the oxygen-enriched environment established in the anti-enclosed area of the plateau, in the room, or the building can quickly and effectively relieve fatigue and improve and enhance the human body’s and brain’s working ability. It plays an important protective role for people who migrate to the highlands, especially those who carry out construction work or military operations on the highlands. It has very convenient and reliable practical value.

Waste combustion

Waste incineration treatment performs thermal oxidation treatment of combustible organic waste with oxygen at high temperatures. Under the condition of complete combustion, the removal rate of organic matter can reach 99%.


It can be seen from the above that the application of oxygen is very extensive. In the case of large and long-term demand for oxygen, the establishment of self-owned oxygen production equipment is an ideal choice for economical and convenient access to oxygen.

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