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5Nm3/h Oxygen Generator To South Africa

A customer from South Africa needed a small-scale oxygen generator able to produce 5 bar output constantly, they used it for oxygen lancing application. We have a 5Nm3/h in stock, but he wanted a small one.

Customer required:
Flow rate:2 Nm3/h
O2 discharge pressure:5 bar
Voltages and Frequency:380V/3 PH/50 HZ
Application: cut big steel blocks
Project Location: South Africa
Before we loaded the goods, we sent the photos and videos of the running machine to the customer to ensure the quality is up to standard.
The customer has their own agent in South Africa, we provided CIF to Durban port.
After shipping, we e-mailed them all the customs clearance documents: CI、PL、draft of BL.

After-sale service:
The customer wanted the password of the oxygen generator to set run parameters. Our engineer said the generator had been fully debugged before shipping. To make sure it can run successfully, do not adjust any parameters by themselves.
The customer wanted to increase the exhaust of the compressor. Our engineer suggested he to add another air compressor. Then they can get more compressed air by running 2 compressors at the same time.
The customer enjoyed technical exchanges, and we learned from each other.




hi, this is Nobita. I have been working as a gas equipment engineer in Minuo for 16 years, I will share the knowledge about oxygen generator, nitrogen generator and air separation equipment from the supplier's perspective.

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