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15 Sets of Medical Oxygen Plant For Hospital For Tanzania Customer

15 sets of turnkey semi-integral skid-mounted medical oxygen generators, used in Tanzanian hospitals, urgent demand from customers, took one and a half months, we shipped on time.

Basic information

It all started in 2021 when a client named Moses from Tanzania contacted us. At first, he asked for the following

  1. Hospital feeding, 30m³. 6 sets
  2. To meet the needs of filling oxygen cylinders and connecting to the hospital feeding pipeline
  3. The equipment running site is 30-40 meters away from the hospital’s central oxygen supply pipeline inlet, the pipeline oxygen pressure needs to be less than 6 bar, and the oxygen cylinder pressure is less than 150 bar
  4. One-month delivery time
  5. Easy to install

How do we deal?

We made a plan for the customer according to the conventional configuration, and after the quotation, they changed their demand into 13 sets of 50 m³ and 2 sets of 80 m³。 The customer thought it was better to use Atlas compressors, which are more efficient, more energy-saving, and have good after-sales service abroad, so we immediately changed to Atlas Copco compressors and redid a set of plan.

After confirming the details of energy consumption, flow rate, usage (oxygen cylinder filling and hospital centralized oxygen pipeline use), filling pressure and working position, maintenance, after-sales service, etc., we negotiated with the boss of the other party, and the boss of the other party informed us that they had already taken the tender and hoped that we would have a favorable price and high quality.
In fact, our profits have been very low concessions, but in order to give customers a better profit margin, and then discount 5% after the confirmation, the customer paid a deposit, because they can not have the experience of buying in China, they are very cautious about the size of the company, quality, after-sales.


We expedite the production arrangement, midway they found their forklift had a maximum lifting of only 3 tons, and ask us to modify the design, not all equipment skid mounted, divided into an air compressor module, air purification, and PSA adsorption module, oxygen filling module, 3 big modules skid mounted, but the circuit system and control system are all integrated together, the customer can quickly connect the equipment circuit and control system through quick connection, and gas The customer can quickly connect the equipment circuit and control system, as well as the gas piping system, and start with one key, automatic monitoring, and alarm.


The 15 sets of medical oxygen plant were installed and shipped out after 1.5 months. We also arranged online operation and installation and maintenance training for the customer. We provide 24/7/365 after-sales service.




hi, this is Nobita. I have been working as a gas equipment engineer in Minuo for 16 years, I will share the knowledge about oxygen generator, nitrogen generator and air separation equipment from the supplier's perspective.

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