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Generating Food Grade Nitrogen: The Key to Keeping Food Fresh and Safe

Nitrogen is a vital component in maintaining the freshness and extending the shelf life of food. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is the process in which nitrogen replaces ambient air in food containers, keeping oxygen and other gases away from the food, thus slowing down its degradation. This is why a reliable and steady supply of food grade nitrogen is essential for the food and beverage industry. It ensures that chips remain crispy, coffee retains its flavor, and wine remains tasty.

So, what exactly does “food grade nitrogen” mean? It refers to compressed air or industrial gases, like nitrogen, that meet strict quality standards to ensure that they do not contaminate the food they come into contact with. This is crucial in order to protect consumers from ingesting any harmful substances.

The objective is to prevent contaminants such as moisture, particles, microorganisms, and oil residue from coming into contact with food. This helps preserve the food and prevents the growth of mold or fungi.

We are all aware of the potential problems that contaminants and oxygen can cause in food. That’s why we cover food, wrap it in tin foil or plastic wrap. We also understand the damage that moisture, the most common contaminant, can do when it interacts with food items like flour or sugar.

There are two ways to obtain food grade nitrogen. The first is to purchase it from a supplier, but this can be expensive and comes with logistical challenges and supply limitations. Additionally, the heavy and pressurized nitrogen containers pose occupational safety hazards.

The second method is on-site nitrogen generation. This is a more cost-effective approach, provides a reliable supply, and allows you to control the purity of the nitrogen produced.

To generate nitrogen on-site, you need a generator and a compressor. The compressor compresses ambient air and sends it to the generator, which separates the nitrogen from other gases, especially oxygen. It is crucial to filter out contaminants early in this process, as air always contains impurities. Otherwise, the quality and purity of the nitrogen will be compromised, which can be detrimental to the food.

This highlights the importance of effective air treatment in maintaining nitrogen purity. Various organizations, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Safe Quality Food Institute, and the British Retail Consortium, have identified the compressed air used in processing and packaging as a potential threat to food safety.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods to eliminate contaminants from compressed air and ensure the production of food grade nitrogen. Minnuo offers a range of air treatment products to fulfill these requirements.

From different types of filters to air dryers, Minnuo assists in safeguarding your food items and your customers. Coalescing filters remove wet particulates and oil aerosols, while sterile filters and dust removal filters take care of particulates and microorganisms. Adsorption filters are used to eliminate oil vapor.

These filters can be installed throughout the compressed air system and have been fully tested and qualified according to the latest ISO8573 and ISO12500 standards.

Additionally, various types of dryers are available to eliminate moisture, which poses the greatest threat by volume. The Minnuo PH HE desiccant dryer series, for example, uses solid desiccant, offering all the benefits of desiccant dryers while eliminating the disadvantages of older models with loose desiccant beads.

Minnuo is your trustworthy partner in air treatment. To learn more about our air treatment products, simply reach out to our knowledgeable experts, who will be happy to answer all your nitrogen-related queries.




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