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The Advantages of Using Nitrogen in Selective Soldering

Selective soldering with nitrogen is a critical process in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It is particularly useful for bonding components to PCBs that could be damaged by excessive heat, as well as for mixed-technology circuit boards with layout constraints.

How Does Selective Soldering Work?

Selective soldering is an automated process that combines the precision of hand soldering with the speed and consistency of automation.

Preparation: The solder pot is programmed with the positions on the PCB that require soldering.

Fluxing: Flux is applied only to the specific components that need to be soldered, unlike wave soldering where flux is spread across the entire PCB.

Preheating: The assembly’s temperature is raised to activate the flux, allowing for effective solder filling.

Soldering: A soldering pen distributes solder material in a programmed pattern, covering only the points that require soldering. The leads are then soldered to the PCB, and the solder pot moves to the next spot.

Benefits of Selective Soldering

Selective soldering offers distinct benefits compared to other soldering methods:

Better wetting: Selective soldering achieves better bonding between the component and the PCB due to improved wetting of the molten solder.

Reduced flux usage: The process requires less flux, resulting in lower operating costs and minimizing leftover residue.

Clean joints: Selective soldering produces clean, shiny joints, eliminating the need for PCB cleaning or brushing.

Reduced defects: The process helps minimize defect formation and other soldering-related problems.

The Role of Nitrogen in Selective Soldering

Nitrogen is used in the selective soldering process to maintain an oxygen-free environment, preventing the formation of oxide layers that can lead to quality issues or short circuits. Nitrogen’s inert properties ensure a reliable and high-quality soldering process.

Maximizing the Benefits with On-Site Nitrogen Generation

Instead of relying on costly nitrogen deliveries, on-site nitrogen generation using a compressor and a nitrogen generator offers numerous advantages:

Cost reduction: Generating nitrogen on-site is significantly cheaper than purchasing it from a vendor.

Supply control: On-site nitrogen generation eliminates dependence on third-party suppliers and potential supply bottlenecks.

Customizable purity: Nitrogen generators allow users to select the required gas purity, optimizing solder spread behavior and reducing energy costs.

Environmental benefits: Eliminating gas deliveries reduces transport emissions and lowers carbon footprint.

Enhancing Selective Soldering with Nitrogen

Various factors influence the effectiveness of selective soldering, including machine configuration, flux attributes, nozzle choice, and nitrogen quality. Using high-purity nitrogen prevents dross formation and prolongs the lifespan of nozzles, saving costs.

Minnuo’s nitrogen generators provide a reliable and continuous supply of high-quality nitrogen, reducing operating costs and taking selective soldering to the next level. Contact our experts to learn more about our solutions.




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