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The Key to Crunchy Chips: Nitrogen’s Role in Freshness and Preservation

Did you ever wonder how potato chips stay fresh and crispy? The secret lies in the presence of nitrogen in chip bags. By utilizing nitrogen, food processing and packaging companies can effectively safeguard the quality and integrity of this beloved snack.

Nitrogen in chip bags may initially appear as mere “air” to consumers, but it is anything but ordinary air. Traditional air contains 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, which makes it suitable for breathing but not ideal for contact with potato chips or other foods. The oxygen in the air reacts with ingredients, such as the oil in chips, leading to deterioration and a decreased shelf life.

To combat this issue, high-quality nitrogen is introduced to displace the air within the chip bag. Nitrogen, being an inert gas, reacts minimally with other substances compared to oxygen, which is highly reactive. This process is known as “modified atmosphere packaging,” where the ambient air is replaced by a nitrogen-dominated mixture.

In fact, you may already be practicing a similar concept. Resealing chip bags after opening them helps protect them from exposure to oxygen, although the underlying science may not be known.

Facilitating modified atmosphere packaging are nitrogen generators. These generators provide a reliable supply of food-grade nitrogen, which adheres to strict quality and purity standards, including the compressed air used in the process. Previously, many companies relied on bottled nitrogen, but increasingly, on-site nitrogen generators offer benefits like cost savings, elimination of logistical challenges, and enhanced flexibility.

Once nitrogen is introduced into the chip bag, the packaging is sealed and the chips can be boxed and shipped. It is worth mentioning that nitrogen also plays a role in various other food industry processes, including grinding, food injection, bottling, cleaning, and blanketing.

If you require nitrogen generation solutions, Minnuo is the trusted choice. With dependable and efficient nitrogen generators, Minnuo caters to the needs of the food and beverage industry, ensuring a steady supply of food-grade nitrogen that meets the highest industry standards. The PPNG HE, for instance, is a high-flow PSA nitrogen generator that can produce nitrogen with a purity of up to 99.999%, reducing energy costs and contributing to sustainability goals.

Count on Minnuo’s team of experts for valuable advice and assistance tailored to food packaging requirements, including nitrogen in chip bags. Contact us today; we’re always ready to help.




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