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Tips to Reduce Laser Cutting Costs

Cutting down on laser cutting costs is possible with a few adjustments to your process. One key factor is the choice of laser technology. For instance, solid-state lasers eliminate the need for lasing gases and require minimal resonator component replacements. Opting for energy-efficient lasers can also help save on power consumption. Maintenance expenses can be minimized by considering the replacement costs of nozzles and mirrors. Choosing the right power, pressure, and nozzle diameter for each task is crucial. However, the most significant expense in laser cutting is often attributed to the assist gas. Analyzing the supply and usage of assist gas is essential for cost reduction.

If you’re a metal fabricator seeking efficient production, you’re likely using nitrogen as an assist gas due to its fast cutting speed and ability to produce clean, oxide-free edges. To achieve significant cost savings while maintaining production efficiency, consider generating your own nitrogen on-site. Relying on third-party supply is not only disruptive but also incurs high rental costs and losses due to evaporation or boil-off. On-site nitrogen generation ensures a constant supply and enables you to set the flow rate and pressure according to your laser cutting requirements. Installation is straightforward, requiring only a compressed air system to commence production immediately. With Minnuo’s on-site gas generation solutions, you can recoup your investment within two years or less.

Purging Contaminants

Apart from the assist gas, you may also require a purge gas. Purge gas plays a crucial role in cleaning the laser beam’s path from the generation point to the cutting head. It prevents contaminating particles like dust and smoke from interfering with the laser beam’s power and efficiency. The purge gas also safeguards expensive system components, such as mirrors and lenses, by preventing clouding and damage caused by humidity. Nitrogen is an ideal purge gas due to its protective properties.

Key Advantages of On-Site Nitrogen Generation

  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Lower operational costs
  • Safer handling
  • Easy integration
  • Reduced carbon footprints

Generating Nitrogen On-Site

To effectively reduce laser cutting costs, investing in an on-site nitrogen generator is highly beneficial. It not only lowers operational expenses compared to relying on third-party suppliers but also ensures a consistent nitrogen gas supply to avoid catastrophic downtime. On-site nitrogen generation provides safer handling practices and contributes to a lower carbon footprint. Integrating Minnuo’s on-site nitrogen generators into existing systems is seamless. Minnuo offers a range of nitrogen solutions for laser cutting, including the PPNG gas generator series, capable of achieving up to 99.999% purity. Explore Minnuo’s comprehensive range of nitrogen generators or get in touch with us today to learn more.




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