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Unveiling the Benefits of Containerized Nitrogen Generators

The advantages of on-site nitrogen generation over nitrogen purchases are clear and compelling. You gain control over your gas supply while reducing costs, emissions, logistical challenges, and safety hazards. However, what do you do when space constraints prevent you from installing a nitrogen generation system on your production floor? Minnuo’s containerized nitrogen generator offers an ideal solution.

What exactly is a containerized nitrogen generator?

As the name suggests, a containerized nitrogen generator is a complete nitrogen generation system housed within a robust shipping container. This innovative design enables you to position your nitrogen generator outside without compromising performance or reliability.

Every component necessary for nitrogen production is integrated into the container, including compressors, nitrogen generators, boosters, dryers, filters, receivers, bottle racks, and more. Each component is carefully selected to meet your specific requirements. For instance, the container may include duty standby compressors for redundancy, heated blower dryers, and membrane nitrogen generators with storage. All components are fully piped together to ensure seamless integration.

Key features for optimal outdoor performance:

Insulated walls: Maintain comfortable temperatures during both winter and summer.

Space heating, fans, and ductwork: Enable optimum operating temperatures throughout the year, ensuring reliability and energy efficiency.

Safety features: Oxygen analyzers monitor oxygen levels, and the container is equipped with ample ventilation to address low or high oxygen levels. Nitrogen exhaust is safely piped outside to prevent the accumulation of enriched atmosphere.

Emergency lighting: Ensures visibility in case of a complete power outage on the site.

Controls and connectivity: Enables remote monitoring and optional PLC integration, offering real-time monitoring of the entire nitrogen generator system.

A Plug-and-Play Nitrogen Generator Experience

Minnuo’s containerized nitrogen generators provide a true plug-and-play solution. Upon delivery, the unit is ready to be operational, requiring only the completion of power supply and nitrogen connections on-site. The entire nitrogen generator package undergoes extensive pre-commissioning and testing by Minnuo, guaranteeing a smooth on-site commissioning process.

Exceptional Performance in Challenging Environments

Minnuo’s containerized nitrogen generators are meticulously engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. The containers feature a robust build, ensuring long-lasting durability regardless of placement. Their flexible design allows for optimization to cater to demanding conditions such as extreme cold or heat.

A Proven Solution You Can Rely On

With Minnuo’s extensive expertise in air treatment and gas generation, our containerized nitrogen generators reflect our commitment to excellence. Just like our state-of-the-art oxygen and nitrogen generators, these containerized solutions adhere to the highest quality standards. We handle the complete design, manufacturing, and optimization process, offering you the most efficient, reliable, and plug-and-play package. Moreover, our team of gas generation experts is always available to answer your inquiries and assist you throughout the specification, ordering, and commissioning process.




hi, this is Nobita. I have been working as a gas equipment engineer in Minuo for 16 years, I will share the knowledge about oxygen generator, nitrogen generator and air separation equipment from the supplier's perspective.

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