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Verifying Gas Purity from Your Nitrogen Generator

How can I verify the purity of gas from my nitrogen generator?

Minnuo’s nitrogen generators find applications in diverse sectors like the food and beverage industry, laser cutting equipment, electronics, and more. Each application requires varying levels of gas purity, and to determine the purity and performance of each product, documented purity certificates are essential. But the question remains: how can you verify the purity of gas from your nitrogen generator?

Every Minnuo PSA Nitrogen Generator comes equipped with a Zirconia Oxygen Sensor that provides real-time information about the purity of the gas being produced. With the help of an advanced controller and Zirconia sensor, consumers can easily monitor the produced gas’s purity level, whether in their office or compressor room. Additionally, Minnuo provides purity certificates for the PSA Nitrogen range, which are tested and certified by a third party, ensuring compliance with the following standards:

1 2008/84/EC grade 99.0% N2 – Food Safety – (Purity criteria on food additives other than colors and sweeteners – August 27th, 2008)

2 EU pharmacopoeia 01/2008 12470 M grade 99.5% N2

3 USP-NF33 (7727-37-9) – United States Pharmacopoeia – 01/12/2015

Purity certificates display analytical data collected during testing phases of nitrogen generators operating at different purity levels. For example, our oxygen generators are tested at 97%, 99%, 99.5%, and 99.999% purity levels to assess their performance in producing these various purities. Testing involves measuring the presence of different gases such as oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide/dioxide, methane, water, and, of course, pure nitrogen. The resulting nitrogen’s appearance and odor are also examined, and each test is accompanied by pass or fail evaluations.

Why are purity certificates necessary?

Every application requiring nitrogen gas necessitates a specific purity level for optimal performance. Allow me to provide some examples: laser cutting metal typically employs nitrogen with >99.9% purity, metal heat treatment usually requires 99.5% purity, and food packaging ranges from 99.5% to 99.9% purity. In winemaking, different stages demand purity levels ranging from 99.5% to 99.999%. Although these percentage differences may seem small, a mere 0.001% can make a significant impact on nitrogen’s purity and performance within a process. Moreover, specific pressure requirements, flow levels, and particle dew points (PDP) are essential considerations for each application.

Purity certificates are often presented during job bidding or used as verification that a unit meets certain specifications before installation in a facility.

Would you like to inquire about purity levels or view the purity certificate for your nitrogen generator?  Contact us today!




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